Unveiling the Power of Solfeggio Tuning Forks: Grounding, Healing, and Creating Abundance

Unveiling the Power of Solfeggio Tuning Forks: Grounding, Healing, and Creating Abundance

Tuning Fork Therapy
Unlocking the Healing Frequencies

Did you know that in the realm of holistic healing, Solfeggio tuning forks have emerged as powerful tools for restoring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit? Are tuning forks the same as the musical ones? Not exactly! But they originate from an ancient musical scale, these tuning forks resonate with specific frequencies that are believed to have profound healing properties. Are you ready to find out more? Join us as we delve into the transformative potential of Solfeggio tuning forks and explore how they can enhance your well-being and manifest abundance in your life.

Unlocking the Healing Frequencies

Unlocking the healing frequencies! Yes please! As we acquaint ourselves with sound healing, it is worth noting the Solfeggio frequencies, also known as the sacred solfeggio scale, consist of six main tones that correspond to specific energy centers in the body. How you may ask? Simple! These frequencies are believed to resonate with the natural vibrations of the universe, facilitating healing and transformation on a deep level. By using Solfeggio tuning forks, practitioners can access and amplify these healing frequencies, allowing for profound shifts in energy and consciousness. Let’s unlock the healing frequencies for a more intentional life!

Grounding and Balancing Energies

One of the key benefits of Solfeggio tuning forks is their ability to ground and balance energies within the body. By vibrating at specific frequencies, these tuning forks can help release stagnant energy and restore flow to the energetic system. This process promotes a sense of stability and equilibrium, allowing individuals to feel more centered and grounded in their daily lives.

Healing on a Cellular Level

Oh, the Solfeggio tuning forks are magical and renowned for their ability to promote healing on a cellular level! As the vibrations from the tuning forks penetrate the body, they can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote cellular regeneration. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with physical ailments, chronic pain, or emotional imbalances. The time for relief is here!

Creating Abundance and Manifesting Intentions

Did you know that in addition to their healing properties? Solfeggio tuning forks can also be used to create abundance and manifest intentions! Ohh, Yes! This is done by attuning to the frequencies of abundance and prosperity, individuals can align themselves with the universal flow of abundance and attract positive opportunities into their lives. Whether you’re seeking financial abundance, emotional fulfillment, or spiritual growth, Solfeggio tuning forks can serve as powerful allies on your journey. How about you give it a try? Book your sessions today!

What can you take from a healing with Tuning Forks?

As we explore the transformative potential of Solfeggio tuning forks, it becomes clear that these ancient tools hold immense power for healing, grounding, and creating abundance. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of vibrational healing, incorporating Solfeggio tuning forks into your wellness routine can help you achieve greater balance, harmony, and vitality. Embrace the power of Solfeggio tuning forks and unlock the limitless possibilities for healing and transformation that await you.

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New Moon in Scorpio November 13, 2023

New Moon in Scorpio November 13, 2023

silhouette photo of woman

The New Moon in Scorpio initiates a new phase, creating an ideal moment to set personal objectives that embody the positive attributes of Scorpio—intensity, resourcefulness, concentration, inquisitiveness, depth, and insight.

This period offers a positive energy in focusing on enhancing self-discipline. It’s a time to identify and address factors that disrupt our control, like addictions and debts, aiming to liberate ourselves from these emotional weights.

Moreover, this New Moon invites introspection about what’s lacking in our lives, leading us toward harmful habits. This phase presents a chance to eliminate unnecessary elements from our lives, both materially and spiritually. The powerful Scorpio energy provides an opportunity for meaningful transformation.

Every zodiac sign offers unique lessons, and Scorpio encourages us to delve into life’s mysteries rather than settling for the superficial. Understanding the motivations of others can deepen our sense of connection, forgiveness, and purpose.

Scorpio’s wisdom also highlights the value of investing deeply in a single relationship or project, where the depth of engagement often proves more fulfilling than breadth. The adage “quality over quantity” is particularly relevant here. This cycle is an opportune time to concentrate on nurturing a specific project or relationship, adding significance and depth to our existence.

Additionally, it’s a period for seeking strategies to overcome our fear of intense emotional encounters and confrontations, recognizing that these challenging experiences can foster psychological healing. We are likely to find it easier to garner support from others and to find internal motivation to achieve our objectives during this time.

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Saturn Retrograde Challenges

Saturn Retrograde Challenges

Saturn went direct on November 4th, 2023! After nearly five months of ongoing delays, career challenges, and roadblocks this beautiful planet has gone direct! Yay! As we segway into the holiday season, we’re beginning to feel energized as the new shift of energies set in. Yes please, I’ll take a triple order of relief with a side of the creative flow! In the next eight months, we are going to fully manifest our desires, as this is a phenomenal time and the future has never looked brighter. Let’s do this!

flat lay shot of crystals and minerals
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In a world filled with uncertainties, where our daily lives are inundated with negativity and division, it is your kindness, understanding, and love that can make a difference! Remember what Gandhi said: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

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Lunar Eclipse: Energetic Crystal Dimension

Lunar Eclipse: Energetic Crystal Dimension

As we prepare to witness a lunar eclipse, we must begin our own healing journey with a renewed energetic crystal dimension. Sage your space, clear negativity, and open up to a new dimension. While saging, incorporate the magical use of crystals, incense, and your preferred divination tools. Bask in this beautiful lunar eclipse, work with crystal energies that are assisting with the removal of material things or people, that no longer serves your highest good. With Jupiter going direct, we are bound to feel centered again, lighter, and ready for a new dimension.

Crystals used:

With so much negativity in the world, how can we bring peace, love, and bliss? There is no correct answer, my advice is to listen to your intuitive guides and take comfort in knowing that we are interconnected beings. Reflect, cleanse, and balance your Chakras with the use of singing bowls or tuning forks, as the path of enlightenment is channeled within you.

1. Blue Tiger Eye also called Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, Tigereye, is a very soothing  and stress-reducing stone. The calming energy eases feelings of anxiety and restlessness. Blue Tiger Eye opens, clears, and aligns the mid to higher range chakras. This beautiful stone, is known to help you speak with clarity, while acting from a place of integrity and honor.

2. Blue Agate has a soft, soothing elegance, similar to the winter’s sky-blue waters. This crystal is graceful, with a circular design characteristic. The design is known to stimulate a positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Used during intuitive readings, the blue agate’s energy is calming, raises vibrations, and uplifts spirits. This captivating stone emmits compassion and perfectly assists with the delivery of challenging messages.

3. Polished Moonstone – personally, I love the heart shape, especially working and connecting with the Moon. In the ancient days, jewelry made of Moonstone was given to travelers for protection. This amazing stone, is a great channel for prophecy, and connecting to one’s higher self. Moonstone vibrations are soothing, encouraging, and helpful through life cycles.

4. One of my favorites for sure, Citrine! Citrine is one of the few healing minerals that regenerates and cleanses itself. Bright like the sun, Citrine brings happiness and harmony to anyone wearing it, or working with it. Healers named this cheery crystal the “Joyful Stone”. Citrine is known to remove negative energy, uplift emotions, while grounding the person wearing it. Truly one of the most magical stones citrine helps with mental, emotional, and spiritual problems.

5.  Clear Quartz is also known as the Master Healer of all stones due to its powerful ability to magnify the powers and properties of all the crystals surrounding it. Using a clear Quartz pendulum, will bring impeccable clarity to the inquirer, making this stone one of the most sought after crystal in the metaphysical world. Clear Quartz provides some of the most essential properties necessary for healing due its versatility,  conduction of energies, and effortless cleansing. Remember to program this beautiful stone, as information will easily store in it. The natural tendency for Quartz Crystals is to bring harmony, while raising vibrations to a higher level, be sure to focus on the highest possible outcome. Clear Quartz is fantastic crystal for meditation and Chakra balancing.

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Venus Retrograde and Relationships

Venus Retrograde and Relationships

Venus Retrograde

What can you expect when the LOVE planet goes retrograde? Oh boy! Relationships from the past will resurface for another chance to reconnect. Will you be open for a final opportunity? Or will you gracefully end it? This could be someone you once saw as your soul mate, or even the love of your life!

Could this be one last chance to handle unfinished love business? Indeed! As painful and hurtful the memories, you are gifted another chance for a the deeper healing breakthrough. Perhaps, you may try one more time, or have a chance to finally complete your relationship and let go of it,  your choice, free will and free choice – use this time wisely.

Will you remain positive in order to receive a positive outcome? If you release expectations, it will help you better navigate through emotional and choppy waters with poise and kindness. Remember, the goal is to bring about healing without attachments to any particular outcome.

Venus rules love, beauty, and relationships. The retrograde period is not a time for “moving forward,” into new relationships, or changing the status of the ones you are already in. Be mindful of the word “retrograde”,  avoid making hasty decisions to commit to, or perhaps to end a relationship until Venus goes direct.

Venus retrograde and beauty. Making drastic changes to your appearance isn’t recommended during this time, also, beauty enhancements should be held off until Venus goes direct.

Review your finances, avoid overspending and splurging. Now is the time of reassess budgets, rebalancing figures, in order to plan for a better future. Resist new projects, ideas, or anything that could set you back financially  – this period is better used for reevaluation rather than beginning new financial venture. It’s about clearing old financial debts and implementing  better payment plan. Love and healing are the main topics during this retrograde, take this opportunity to let go gracefully.

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New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius – Partial Solar Eclipse

The new Moon in Aquarius partial solar eclipse, will be the catalyst of new beginnings! Set your intentions and goals, remove negative energies that no longer serve your higher self. Make your Magic shine! The time has come, leave toxic people behind, remove yourself from environments that aren’t in alignment with your true self.

Say goodbye to negative forces holding you back, they will be completely exposed!

In your personal life, you could feel the sting is a dear friend’s betrayal, sadly, revealing their inner darkness through vindictive actions without merit, leaving you feeling hurt and confused. Let them go!

In career, the partial Solar Eclipse will expose fake, jealous people along with their false narrative. Yes, this may be a lot to deal with, but trying to understand their reasoning will be a waste of energy. Leave them behind, move forward, remember “your success is your greatest revenge”. Remain positive, your Light shines bright, time to rise above all like a Phoenix!

Moon Signs Traits

Moon signs display personality traits, helping reveal instincts and emotional energies; therefore, the emotional energies of Moon signs happen to be the most important personality energies, helping us understand situations by detaching or obsessing over situations and/or people. Essentially, the Moon sign is our emotional thought process.

The magical powers of this new Moon in Aquarius, with a partial solar eclipse, will uncover hidden situations, and  bring forth harmony, love, and actions now!

During his is a powerful Moon in Aquarius, events will quickly unfold, while fueling the will to make incredible changes. Did you know that with the help of the Aquarian energy you will find positive and unorthodox solutions? The time is now to get rid yourself from energy vampires! Take action, you are amazing and will manifest amazing relationships with like-minded souls.

Don’t be surprise if a move is in the horizon, out with the old and on with the new! Cleanse, protect, and allow the Universe to bring peace back into your life. Trust the powerful force of Karma, as SHE will handle these whom have spread hurtful lies, rumors about you.

Balance is key. New ideas, ventures, and influences, are rapidly pushing you forward into a successful path!

Natal Chart

Your individual natal chart shows planet placement that can assist you in understanding situations and help resolve challenges.

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Happy New Moon Day/Night!!!

Astrology: Moon in Taurus

Astrology: Moon in Taurus

Astrology Moon in Taurus

Taurus Moon

The astrological Moon in Taurus will bring some strong energies! Some may be stubborn, others may be emotional impulses; therefore, it is imperative to practice patience, acceptance, and moderation. Moon  energies influence relationships, career, and finances, all of which help shape outcomes to situations. The power of this sign will help process and bring about personal subconscious reaction to personal conflict. Full Moons are beautiful and mystical, take this powerful time to intuitively manifest your desires. Think positive thoughts, surround yourself with loving people, and witness magical things happen all around you!

Plans into Action

One of the most life-changing books I’ve had the honor to read was “The Secret”, what’s yours? Did you know the power of intent combined with positive thinking can create life-changing miracles. Time to make your list and watch your intentions manifest! Just like the true earth energy, with your thoughts internalized, seeking guidance from an intuitive counselor, or personal psychic can benefit your affirmation process. Maybe a yoga class or a Chakra atonement with a spiritual advisor can help bring a sense of calmness and clarity. Find an experienced and reputable energy healer to help you answer detailed questions, perhaps some insight in a relationship situations? Or upcoming life events! This Moon in Taurus will guide you in opening the third eye, by working through blockages and opening long awaited paths to a new dimensions.

Fixed Element

Taurus is a child of the Mother Planet and fixed, how can this sign help? This earth child will help with constancy, patience and perseverance! What are some great characteristics of this sign? One of the least favorable characteristics for this sign are passive aggressiveness, stubbornness, and a vindictive streak, even if the person jumped to the wrong conclusion! Unfortunately, this happens often, leaving emotional messes to be cleaned up; try not to react little Taurus! If you’re lucky enough to have a balanced bull friend, you’ll be amazed at their kindness and thoughtfulness! The’ll be your biggest fans! With an unparalleled sense of loyalty, they’ll cheer for your success! How fantastic!

A Moon in Taurus ignites tenacity, determination, and stubbornness; additionally, this suggests personal choices of drifting away from risky moves! Instead, you’ll be drawn to a more predictable situation with a tangible outcome.

Magical Earth

The Taurus Sign is filled with magical energies that thrive and grow in stable, loving partnerships, because, they will focus to their vision of the final outcome, and move forward full force!

Oh magical earth powers! This will increase a sense of security, making it easier to distinguish between reality and dreams! This amazing power, will make this fixed, earthy sign one of the most powerful forces in the zodiac! Get ready for an amazing run with the bull!

Did you know unlike New Moons, full Moons can be emotional for people? Of course! Depending on your Moon and Sun signs, utilize lunar energies in your benefit! Time to facilitate and balance the special connection between the Moon and Taurus. Many astrologers describe the Moon as “exalted” in Taurus; what could this mean for you? Everyone wants these are innovative qualities, produce new ideas that are easily manifested! Individuals born with this Moon placement, have a bigger opportunity to truly be in touch with personal, essential needs, and an uncanny ability to bring thoughts to life!

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Solar Eclipse | New Moon

Solar Eclipse | New Moon

Solar Eclipse with New Moon in Leo: August 21, 2017

Are you guys ready for new found clarity, drive, and passion to arise? Take actions! Bring all your hard work to fruition, keep moving forward, and refrain from looking back. So many wonderful energies around us, some may feel intense, and others less than welcomed. The time has arrived to transform, shift, and leave behind what no longer serves our higher conscious self. The charismatic Leo energies, combined with the beautiful New Moon, will finally open up old, persistent roadblocks which hindered our own personal growth for decades. You asked and the Universe is granting your wishes, make this powerful time count, send blessings and remain in gratitude.

Our new journey is fueled by our own personal powers of  positive thinking, love, and abundant flow. Let’s take our intentions to the next level, as they are the foundation to what’s to come, as we understand the “Laws of Cause and Effect”, we also understand how we must take accountability for our past choices which shaped our present. Every choice has a consequence, let’s make better choices now for a better future. Forgive the past, forgive yourself, move forward with a thankful and graceful heart.

This August 21 eclipse occurs near the fixed star Regulus, one of the four royal ancient stars of Persia. The fall of important leaders or statesmen must be factored in with this star near the eclipse.”

Astrology is a deep knowledge of the Stars, Planets, which explain our personality and life events. I love The Pele Report by Kaypacha, he’s funny, knowledgeable, not to mention inspiring. My hopes are to meet him one day soon. He’s just amazing, take a look for yourself! There are no better times to learn, it’s never too late, and NOW is the time to positively impact our future years.

May this Total Solar Eclipse help you and your loved ones set focused intentions for home life, relationships, and business. Allow this time to bring forth and uncover truths, let’s shine this energetic light and dissolve all shadows that have casted such darkness in our life.

Thank you for stopping, may you be filled with loving blessings, positive vibes, and infinite abundance!


Dreamy Pisces

Dreamy Pisces

Symbol: Fish swimming in opposite directions.

Element: Water, associated with emotions.

Ruling Planets: Neptune trident of Poseidon, ruler of the oceans. Jupiter, planet of intellectuality, abstract thinking, higher learning focusing in ideology, spirituality, and philosophy.

Ruling House: The twelfth house of the zodiac is connected to humanity, imagination, a mystic divine awareness of the spiritual world, romance, and illusion.

Quality: Mutable

Colors: Deep blue, aqua, indigo shades, sea-foam green, and yellow.

Pisces includes six stones: Amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal, and sapphire.

Talismanic Stone: Ruby

Tarot Card: The Moon

Pisces are loving, caring, and altruistic individuals. Unlike many sites description, people born under this sign, are ambitions, patient, and natural leaders. When Pisces find their way, (usually later on in life), determination combined with hard work, create and will manifest miracles out of simple ideas.

If lucky enough to find yourself in the Pisces circle of friends, this sign will be your best ally, your cheerleader, your motivator, your counselor, your biggest advocate in life. Many are drawn to Pisces energies due to their ability to empathize and share a deep understanding of situations. Some find Pisces to be their personal Lucky Charm, due to their patience, loyalty, and ongoing dedication, but if you continually take from this sign, leaving him or her feeling depleted, you’ll quickly find yourself in the outs, and all your newly acquired luck will vanish with them. Be nice, kind, and gentle to Pisces people, as they are sensitive creatures.

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Mercury Retrograde – Fall Equinox 2016

Mercury Retrograde – Fall Equinox 2016

Yes! Mercury goes DIRECT


Sun enters beautiful Libra – First day of Autumn.

September 22, 2016 we have Mercury going direct, the tensed energies are slowly easing up, never thought you would get through this phase? Don’t worry, neither did I. Thankfully, we are now navigating through the next few weeks in the post shadow retrograde. What can you expect during the post shadow? Misunderstandings, mistakes made during the Mercury Retrograde may begin to come to light. We could perhaps call it the “accountability time” and reflect on hasty decisions and revisit the root of conflicts that may have occurred.

Venus enters Scorpio – Mercury trines Pluto

Then, on September 23, 2016 we begin feeling shifts and changes, can you sense it yet? These feelings are associated with the passionate planet of Venus entering the the death and re-birth planet Scorpio. Mercury the planet of mind, logic, and reason, trines Pluto, the planet of destruction and reconstruction. Pluto is intense, impulsive and explosive. This energy can be beneficial in a positive or negative way, it’s up to you. What do you really want? Is your intuition telling you to explore new passions, business ventures, and/or new callings? Will you listen, or will you let them slip away? You have the ultimate power to create, destroy, and manifest your destiny, what will you do?

Sun conjuncts Jupiter

Wow! Sun conjuncts Jupiter on September 25, 2016. The saying “Watch your thoughts as they become things” couldn’t be more true right now. Positivity, ambition, and optimism are the main leaders of new beginnings, nothing will stop you today. As we transition from cloudy to clarity, doubt can seep into the happy energy field you created, why give it any power? Ground yourself, this is the long awaited time, remember, your job right now is to calmly listen to your intuition and let it guide you.

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