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Saturn Retrograde Challenges

Saturn Retrograde Challenges

Saturn went direct on November 4th, 2023! After nearly five months of ongoing delays, career challenges, and roadblocks this beautiful planet has gone direct! Yay! As we segway into the holiday season, we’re beginning to feel energized as the new shift of energies set in. Yes please, I’ll take a triple order of relief with a side of the creative flow! In the next eight months, we are going to fully manifest our desires, as this is a phenomenal time and the future has never looked brighter. Let’s do this!

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In a world filled with uncertainties, where our daily lives are inundated with negativity and division, it is your kindness, understanding, and love that can make a difference! Remember what Gandhi said: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

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Venus Retrograde and Relationships

Venus Retrograde and Relationships

Venus Retrograde

What can you expect when the LOVE planet goes retrograde? Oh boy! Relationships from the past will resurface for another chance to reconnect. Will you be open for a final opportunity? Or will you gracefully end it? This could be someone you once saw as your soul mate, or even the love of your life!

Could this be one last chance to handle unfinished love business? Indeed! As painful and hurtful the memories, you are gifted another chance for a the deeper healing breakthrough. Perhaps, you may try one more time, or have a chance to finally complete your relationship and let go of it,  your choice, free will and free choice – use this time wisely.

Will you remain positive in order to receive a positive outcome? If you release expectations, it will help you better navigate through emotional and choppy waters with poise and kindness. Remember, the goal is to bring about healing without attachments to any particular outcome.

Venus rules love, beauty, and relationships. The retrograde period is not a time for “moving forward,” into new relationships, or changing the status of the ones you are already in. Be mindful of the word “retrograde”,  avoid making hasty decisions to commit to, or perhaps to end a relationship until Venus goes direct.

Venus retrograde and beauty. Making drastic changes to your appearance isn’t recommended during this time, also, beauty enhancements should be held off until Venus goes direct.

Review your finances, avoid overspending and splurging. Now is the time of reassess budgets, rebalancing figures, in order to plan for a better future. Resist new projects, ideas, or anything that could set you back financially  – this period is better used for reevaluation rather than beginning new financial venture. It’s about clearing old financial debts and implementing  better payment plan. Love and healing are the main topics during this retrograde, take this opportunity to let go gracefully.

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