New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius – Partial Solar Eclipse

The new Moon in Aquarius partial solar eclipse, will be the catalyst of new beginnings! Set your intentions and goals, remove negative energies that no longer serve your higher self. Make your Magic shine! The time has come, leave toxic people behind, remove yourself from environments that aren’t in alignment with your true self.

Say goodbye to negative forces holding you back, they will be completely exposed!

In your personal life, you could feel the sting is a dear friend’s betrayal, sadly, revealing their inner darkness through vindictive actions without merit, leaving you feeling hurt and confused. Let them go!

In career, the partial Solar Eclipse will bring to light co-workers you once thought were friends, will shock you, as their secret jealousies will be expose their sneaky lies, false rumors, and nastiness towards you. Yes, this is a lot to deal with emotionally, you may be shock, taken back, but trying to understand the why, how, and when, will be a waste of your energy. Leave them behind, move forward, remember “your success is your greatest revenge”. Remain positive, you are Light, and darkness will always try to dim it, rise above all like a Phoenix!

Moon Signs Traits

Moon signs display personality traits, helping reveal instincts and emotional energies; therefore, the emotional energies of Moon signs happen to be the most important personality energies, helping us understand situations by detaching or obsessing over situations and/or people. Essentially, the Moon sign is our emotional thought process.

The magical powers of this new Moon in Aquarius, with a partial solar eclipse, will uncover hidden situations, and  bring forth harmony, love, and actions now!

This is a powerful time, with the Moon in Aquarius, events will quickly unfold, your creativity will fuel the will to make incredible changes, therefore, you will find positive and unorthodox solutions, and rid yourself from energy vampires. Take action, you are amazing and will manifest amazing relationships with like-minded souls.

Don’t be surprise if a move is in the horizon, out with the old and on with the new! Cleanse, protect, and allow the Universe to bring peace back into your life, trust the powerful force of Karma, as SHE will handle these whom have spread hurtful lies, rumors about you.

Balance is key, new ideas, new ventures, and new influences, are rapidly pushing you up and forward into further abundant success!

Natal Chart

Your personalized natal chart will show astrological zodiac signs and planet placement, depending on their degree, will also shed light in which house they influence, and how it affects the thought process.

Want to know more? Book your personalized session by emailing (Please include length of session, preferred day and time for scheduling).

Happy New Moon Day/Night!!!

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